I started seeing Dr Tan as my dentist in the mid 90s then moved out of the Bay Area. When I returned a few years ago, I needed a dentist for an crown that had popped of. At the time I had no one locally and all the dentists that I called from a web search could not see me. I remembered Dr Tan from over a decade prior and called. He remembered me and got me in that day. Since then I have established care with him as has my husband. We have been very pleased . I feel he is current on the most up to date dental techniques, extremely competent technically- i barely feel those awful numbing injections- and trustworthy.
I have gotten to know his hygienists and front office staff and feel they go out of their way to make me feel comfortable and accommodate my needs.
His office is very accessible area, close to everything including BART which always helps. In addition it's absolutely lovely! I look forward to seeing what new flowers or plants are displayed. Just an added touch which helps to make a trip to the dentist that much less stressful.

Francesca G.

Paul is a fantastic dentist, wonderful office staff and great hygienists.

Java Z.

Dr. Tan is THE BEST in SF! I have been going to him for years and I have referred my colleagues and family members to him. He's very gentle and such a sweet doctor!


Kim M.

I've been seeing Dr Tan and his warm staff for a few years. I received Invisalign treatment, fillings, and general cleanings. He is awesome! I trust him and he is very understanding, and knows what he is doing! A+++

Ashley H.

Great Dentist! Comfy office and wonderful staff. They really want you to get the electric toothbrush but are always super nice.

Jimmy M.

Dr. Tan has been my dentist since he first opened his office. I moved, a year ago, and making the 1 1/2 hour trip to San Francisco to continue to have Dr. Tan as my dentist was a bit daunting. As much as I liked Dr. Tan, I figured it couldn't be that hard to find a new dentist in Santa Cruz County. But after trying a couple of dentists closer to my new home, I was very unhappy. When I found that I needed a crown replaced, I decided that the trip into the City was well worth it for my peace of mind, knowing that I would get the professionalism, quality care and compassion Dr. Tan and his staff have always delivered. And when I found myself so relaxed with Dr. Tan that I was practically falling asleep while he worked on me, I knew that I'd made the right decision!

Kathryn K.

i have been seeing Dr. Tan and his team for all my dental work for 25 years and I would never go anywhere else. 3 crowns, a few cavities, a deep infection all were taken care of with minimal discomfort and expert talent. It also helps that his office is conveniently located and his office is beautiful with state of the art equipment. I am not the easiest patient, i don't like excessive xrays so they do digital and accommodate me with only the necessary ones. His staff is always enjoyable. I am a doctor myself so I appreciate his attention to detail. They take Insurance but I pay cash. My teeth and mouth are as important to me as my heart and lungs. No bad breath here (-:

Mark H.

Since I was a little kid, I've had a terrible fear of dental visits. This is probably because I always end up having a cavity or two, and loathe having my teeth drilled into. I'm really prone to cavities, but due to my fear and lack of consistency in going in for check ups, I always paid the consequences later on.

Since moving back to the US, I've needed a good dentist here in SF. It ended up being very impractical seeing the one I'd had my entire life down in my hometown of San Diego. After asking around through my network for a good recommendation, I was referred by several people to Dr. Tan.

I've had a lot of procedures done with Dr. Tan, including getting a crown, but every visit and consultation has proved to be relaxing and a nice experience. Of course, nobody yearns to go to the dentist, but the fact I don't having to pop a xanax before coming is telling.

First of all, the office is sparkling and clean, and it's never chaotic or impersonal. Secondly, Alleta at the front desk is super friendly and accommodating. The assistants and dental hygienists are equally great (can't complain about the view of the city, either!).

Most importantly is Dr. Tan, though. He's extremely sincere, kind, and makes you feel at home. The technology he uses is the most advanced I've ever come across, and he's always efficient with time. My previous dentist used a painful anesthetic that would take nearly 40min to kick in, in addition to X-rays done 1980's style. Everything here is digital and delivers quick results.

I really can't complain, so I highly recommend you choose Dr. Tan and his team.

Peter-Christian P.

Just called to get some pricing about a procedure and I spoke with Aleda. She was kind, understanding, informative and patient! I don't have insurance, I'm not a current patient and have a semi emergency going on and she treated me like I was a VIP. She let me know what all my options were and gave me the best practical advice. I'm so thrilled to be coming here and giving them my business! I haven't even gotten to the part where Dr. Tan came recommended by multiple people who have amazing smiles. All in all I'm scared of most dentists but can't wait to start going to this office! Cheers Aleda, you did great!

Jason E.

Dr. Tan was my dentist for about a year before I moved out of San Francisco. He was incredibly generous with his time, did excellent work, and was carful to make sure he did everything right. I highly recommend him.

Drew O.

I have been a patient at Dr. Tan's office since 1997.

First, the office is conveniently located in the shell building at Battery and Bush near the Montgomery Muni stop. The office is clean, modern, and high tech, unlike a lot of other dentist offices that have nasty pictures of rotten teeth and torn up old copies of People magazine with Joan Collins on the cover.

Over the last eleven years, I have had fillings, a crown, root planing, and lots of cleanings here. Dr. Tan and his staff are very professional, take pride in their work, and use the best tools to get the job done.

I want my teeth to be in my mouth, not in a cup, and I know that being a patient of Dr. Tan is the best way to make sure that this happens.

Jeff M.

Dr. Tan has been my dentist since I moved to the Bay Area in 2005. My now husband referred me to Dr. Tan and I couldn't be more thrilled with the office. Everyone on staff is great - from the front desk to Lorna my hygienist. They all remember me and will say hi when I pass them on the street. Lorna explains everything as she cleans and is very thorough. She makes me want to floss daily - both from her reminders and because I hate to dissappoint her!

Dr. Tan's approach is very personable. He remembers who I am and asks how work is going, asked about the wedding planning, etc. His dentistry backs up my rating. He explains what he's doing, checks in on my pain tolerance and they even provide a radio and headphones to use if you hate to listen to the drill.

My husband and I have both continued to refer friends to Dr. Tan and they have all thanked us.

Update: Lorna has left, but the new hygienist is equally fantastic.

Susan W.

I actually look forward to going to the dentist... especially because it's Dr Tan and his awesome team!!!

I've been a patient of Dr Tan's for many years and I am very pleased with the customer service and dental treatment I am receiving from Dr Tan and the entire staff. Their modern, high-tech, and "green" office is located near my work (Battery and Bush).

The Staff:
Everyone is so friendly and very customer centric. From office manager to dental assistants to dentists, everyone knows it's all about YOU. They also know about my hectic schedule and will always call me or email me days in advance to make sure I can still make my appointment, or reschedule a new time for me. I appreciate the time everyone has taken to know me as a person over the years and they make me feel really special. Extra kudos for Dr Tan and team remembering my birthday with a cake and card. Very thoughtful!

I've gone in for a lot of dental work over the years (invisalign, check-ups, root-canal) and they have done an awesome job taking care of my teeth and gums. And I truly appreciate the time they take to explain every process in detail. And every procedure I've had was painless as they want to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire appointment. The quality of work is top-notch and I am very pleased with my progress.

If you are looking for a dentist, I highly recommend Dr Tan. They will take the time to understand your needs, develop a plan that will meet your schedule and budget, and provide you excellent dental care and customer service. And along the way, you'll even make several new friends...

Brian K.

I love Dr. Tan and Alletta, the primary front desk organizer.

I feel like I'm spoiled every time I come here. Last time I was on the brink of a migraine... so they turned out the lights and let me wear a silly paper thing on my head so that I could block out the rest of the light. When I got cold midway through? The assistant brought in a heater and aimed it at me. I mean, what?!

The cleanings are gentle and, while I first thought it could be lip-service, I've changed my mind, nope, they genuinely care about their patients and will do all they can to make your cleaning and fillings a comfortable and tolerable experience.

With the added bonus of Alletta working with you so you don't have to pay a hefty $500+ if you get a lot of work done all at once.

Super reasonable, sends emails reminders and friendly as all heck. Alletta's even supposed to set me up. I mean, come on all ready! These guys are the best.

FYI A friend referred me here, I know she loves them too.

Kerry D.

I just wanted to update my review. I see Dr Tan 3 times a year. The last time couple times I was really impressed with my teeth chart on the monitor next to my chair! Totally paperless and super high tech. It's no longer a mystery where all those 2, 3, & 4s (i know 4s are bad) go on the chart!! I love the receptionists there. They always call you to remind you of upcoming appointments.

Also I have a retainer that the hygienist always cleans for me and she rocks! I have to say that maybe I'm blessed with strong teeth but so far in the 10 yrs under Dr Tan's watch, no root canals, crowns, or any other major issues. Just a few cavities here in and there and you can't even see the fillings when i open my mouth. :)

Julia H.

I was very fortunate when a colleague in my office referred me to Paul Tan. I had been avoiding my dental care for years (too embarrassed to admit the actual number of years) and consequently required a variety of services. His entire staff made me feel at ease despite my fear of going back to a dentist. I had a variety of work done and was received excellent service and quality work. Dr. Tan certainly takes pride in his work and in helping his clients. I especially appreciated the calls to see how I was doing after my treatments.
I have converted from a trepidatious patient to one who looks forward to seeing my friends when I go back for my regular maintenance.

Michael B.

Dr. Tan & his staff provide wonderful dental service. From the moment I walk in their office door, I relax. There is a fountain in the lobby that offers a lulling, soft trickle. The office staff is very organized & friendly and always remembers little details about me. This shows their thoughtfulness.

Dr. Tan is very detail oriented and takes pride in his work. He will go the extra mile to ensure that your dental work is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. He also stays on top of new treatments.

I love that he uses modern technology and can show you your x-rays minutes after they are taken. One time, he even showed me a funny video while in my chair while I waited.

Dr. Tan is always pleasant and professional. He makes going to the dentist something I look forward to. When I am ready for Invisilign, I will go to him.

Y. H.

I came to Dr. Tan after 11 (!!) years of total lack of dental care due to some extremely traumatic experiences in Europe. He and his amazing staff performed a thorough root planing (deep cleaning), replaced all my old silver fillings and generally got my mouth back into excellent shape. I live on the peninsula and commute more than 45 minutes to be able to get my teeth cleaned by Lorna, his extremely thorough, friendly and professional dental hygienist.
The office is top notch, both from the decor and the equipment point of view. Even though my insurance only covers a fraction of the bill, I would not go anywhere else. I have also recommended numerous friends and have heard nothing but great feedback.

Two thumbs up!

B A.

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